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Rest Assured Beds – The Affordable and Reliable South African Bed Brand

Of all of the South African bed brands, Rest Assured Beds is without a doubt one of the best. In the business of manufacturing beds since 1974, the company has years of experience to back up their exceptional array of beds for sale. For many South Africans, Rest Assured has become the bed company of choice. They supply all kinds of beds to outlets across the country and now you can buy your own Rest Assured bed online from The Bed Company!

Each bed in the Rest Assured Beds range comes with a 25 year warranty. Should you experience any manufacture related issues, your warranty will cover the related expenses.

In order to provide you with the perfect bed, Rest Assured relies on the best in sleep technology. By using this technology, each mattress is designed to support the sleeping form in every way, leaving you feeling refreshed and fully revived come morning. Regardless of your sleeping patterns and preferences, you will find that there is a bed within the Rest Assured range just for you.

The Best in Spring Technology

While this bed manufacturer doesn’t rely on springs alone to make your sleep experience as comfortable as possible, the spring technology that they use certainly does the job. There are three types of spring support systems currently used by Rest Assured and they are the Evolution Pocket Coil, the Matrix Infinite Coil and the Heritage Bonnell Spring. Regardless of whether you are a restless sleeper or someone who needs an extra amount of comfort before nodding off, with the spring/material combination, your sleep needs are well taken care of when you buy a Rest Assured bed.

The greatest attribute that the spring system will provide is versatility. The technology perfectly accommodates all types of body shapes as well as weights, without the comforting quality being negatively affected.
To give you a greater understanding of the various spring systems, we’ll break down the spring systems you’ll find in your Rest Assured bed.

Matrix Infinite Coil

If what you are looking for in a bed is a mattress that will mould beautifully to your body and as a result give you more support, a bed with the Matrix Infinite Coil is just for you! This system is easily able to reduce the amount of pressure put on various pressure points (where your body makes contact with the bed). You can expect body weight to be evenly and comfortable spread across the bed, ensuring that you get a great nights rest. The Matrix Infinite Coil is also ideal for couples sharing a bed. When compared to brands that use similar technology, the Rest Assured bed generally comes out on top.

The Heritage Bonnell Spring

Used in the Heritage range of Rest Assured beds, the Bonnell spring system is used to make the bed firmer and for some, more comfortable. The technology can take in the shape of the sleeping form, by spreading the weight of the sleeper right across the mattress.

The Evolution Pocket Coil

Finally, this is the last spring system that Rest Assured uses and it is able to reduce the amount of movement. This is ideal for those who share their beds and don’t want to be woken by the movements of a sleeping partner. These springs are able to move independently which is exactly what prevents sleeping partners from being disrupted during the night. Individually wrapped coils also protect the other fabrics and fibres used to make the bed.

With exceptional prices and the best deals in town, The Bed Company aims to help you find the right mattress by providing a massive range of affordable beds for sale. Contact us today or buy your new bed online.