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Trust in Strandmattress posture support

Why settle for anything less than the very best? Strandmattress beds are beyond exceptional especially as they have garnered a fabulous reputation for providing customers with a high-quality bed. Strandmatress is a division of Cloud Nine Beds, a much loved and supported South African bed brand. This company uses Strand Foam as its main feature and this foam is what allows every Strandmattress to give your posture the support it needs. You can choose a fabulous Strandmattress from The Bed Company and save when you buy your bed online!

Over the years that Stramdmattresses have been available to the public, the company has come into itself and grown in leaps and bounds. Not only has the number of suppliers increased over the years, enabling more people to enjoy a better night’s rest, but the bed company has remained one of South Africa’s major foam manufacturers. These mattresses are ideally used in homes as well as in the hospitality industry and in healthcare facilities. Strand Foam is not only used in Strandmattresses. You’ll find Strand Foam in Rest Assured beds, Laurielle, Cloud Nine Beds and Strandbox. But if you want the full effects of a great bed, you need to invest in a Strandmattress.

Every aspect of the Strandmattress simply screams quality. While the most impressive part of these beds is without a doubt the foam, there is so much more to the bed than that! Every part of the mattress is carefully thought out and each part is put together with the aim of providing the sleeper with an unbelievably comfortable bed. Using memory foam, these beds can mould to the sleeping form and ensure that you are always kept comfortable. Along with giving you the best quality beds possible, Strandmattress is also committed to keeping prices low.

When looking at Strandmattresses you will see that they provide 4 ranges of beds for you to choose from. These ranges include the Firm Flex range, the Dream Me range, the Airborne range and the Snooze Me range. Beds from these popular ranges can be bought from The Bed Company and be delivered to your door! All of the popular bed sizes are available, which makes comparisons of similar bed brands really easy.

All in the Strandmattress Design

With technology designed to reduce sleep disturbance from a partner, a single layer of polyurethane foam and a high-density foam support system placed in the core of the bed, you can enjoy a great amount of comfort without the bed losing shape. The mattress is covered with a woven damask ticking, which is used to make the bed extra hygienic while giving it a hypoallergenic quality.

The Airborne range, along with the Snooze Me range and the Dream Me range have similar structures. When looking at these beds, be sure to check out the warranty period for each.

The Bed Company has sourced all of South Africa’s favourite beds and you can buy a Strandmattress online at a really affordable price when you shop at our store. You can afford to enjoy better sleep, what’s stopping you?