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Are you in need of a big, sturdy and comfy as a cloud mattress that will last decades? Well, you’ve come to the right place, that’s for sure. The Cloud Nine Chiroflex – Double Bed is the work-horse of Cloud Nine beds. It’s not only a beautiful mattress, but it’s also an incredibly capable one. When choosing a bed, it’s of utmost importance to know as much about it as possible. You should never make an ill-informed purchase, which is why we will go out of our way to highlight the benefits and details of the Cloud Nine Chiroflex.

  • Off the bat, you’ll notice that this bed comes jam-packed with features, the first of which, is that it is a turn free bed. Yes, no need to burden yourself with turning this beaut around.
  • The bed comes with box-top cooling Blue-Gel & HR sleeping technology, which will ensure optimum comfort and a cooling sensation that will be supremely soothing.
  • The bed comes with so much luxury, in two essential parts. Firstly, you will be treated to luxurious soft-touch micro quilted, knitted jacquard ticking. Secondly, your body will be treated with high-density Visco-Elastic, Cool Blue Gel Memo-Flex, and buoyant Polyurethane foam layers. Yes, we know, it’s a mouth full, but boy does it work. You’ll want to hop into bed knowing that so much luxury is waiting.

More features of Cloud Nine Chiroflex – Double Bed

  • The bed’s core is made up out of a high density reconstituted posture support foam. This ensures toughness and support. You’ll probably not have to worry about sagging.
  • Memory foam ventilation system. This will create a hugging sensation that will be ultimately inviting as well as soothing.
  • You indeed don’t have to worry about movement transfer with the Chiroflex, as there is none.
  • This bed is also non-toxic, allergy free and hygienic.

The Chiroflex, as we mentioned, is robust and super comfy. But let’s put that into perspective. For starters, the bed can support two people on either side of up to 145kg each. That makes this bed one of the toughest Cloud Nine Beds out there. The mattress has a nice and soft rating of 4/5. This makes the bed ideal for side sleepers, as plushness is critical here. The mattress is also apt for back sleepers, but not for individuals who want to maximize support, as the bed opts more for pressure relief. Stomach sleepers should use this bed preferably, as the softness will cause a back arch. The Chiroflex boasts a whopping 25-year service warranty and a 2-year guarantee.

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