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Let’s start by saying this: turn-free, pillow-top,  Blue-gel intelligent sleep technology. If that doesn’t get your excitement peeking, we’re not sure what will. This is precisely what you will get from the Cloud Nine Blue Eclipse – Queen XL Mattress. It’s a bed that comes packed with jaw-dropping features, at an equally astonishing price. That’s not all. Being a Cloud Nine bed, the Blue Eclipse is also really aesthetically pleasing and comes with loads of benefits that will make you want to hop in right away. Thus, without further delay, let’s introduce you…

Why the Cloud Nine Blue Eclipse – Queen XL Mattress is the perfect bed for you

  • First things first, you might be wondering what the top of the mattress is like. Well, you will be treated to luxury. The mattress is made out of soft-touch micro quilted, knitted jacquard ticking. This feature is as unbelievable as it sounds, we can assure that.
  • Prepare for yet more luxury, with the Blue Eclipse’s Visco-Elastic, Cool Blue Gel Memo-Flex, and buoyant Polyurethane foam layers. These foam layers are extraordinary and are vital to what makes the Blue Eclipse such a charming bed. You will be treated to superior support and comfort while remaining cool and at an optimum temperature. This indeed is something to dream about.
  • High density, reconstituted foam posture support core makes up the rest of the inner workings of the bed.
  • As with all the new Cloud Nine beds, the Blue Eclipse promises zero movement transfer. This is a superb feature for couples, especially those who sleep lightly.
  • This mattress is also hygienic, non-toxic and allergy free, which are all properties you just do not want to worry about.

Still not convinced?

Well, we have on more trick up our sleeves.  The Blue Eclipse also has a pillow top. Now, to put that into perspective, imagine having the most supportive and comfy pillow spread out evenly over your brand new Cloud Nine Mattress. This is precisely what you will get from the Blue Eclipse. But, there is more. This mattress, pillow top and all, is a perfect level 3 regarding comfort. To those of you who do not know already, this means the Blue Eclipse brags with the ability to host all sleeping styles. This bed wants to draw everyone in; side sleepers, stomach sleepers and back sleepers alike.

Lastly, the Cloud Nine Blue Eclipse comes with a 20-year service warranty, a 2-year guarantee and the impressive ability to sleep a max weight of 125kg per person.

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