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Are you looking for a bed that looks not only beautiful but also feels amazing, is tough, low maintenance and caters for almost all sleeping styles while remaining affordable? Well, you’ve come to the right bed. The Cloud Nine Epic Comfort – Double Bed is that all-rounder you can invest into. The bed’s design fits in perfectly with the usual Cloud Nine Charm, while also conforming to their superior comfort and premium ethic.

The Epic Comfort is a rating 3 comfort bed. This means it provides you with what you can call an equilibrium sleeping style comfort. Essentially, this is the only comfort rating that caters for back sleepers, side and stomach sleepers at the same time. For those sleeping on your backs, you’ll receive the support and right spinal support that you need, while being a little softer. Side sleepers will be treated to a slightly firmer but adequately soft sleeping experience. Stomach sleepers will also not be forgotten, as the Epic Comfort will provide the optimum support, alignment and comfort experience for this style.

Cloud Nine Epic Comfort – Double Bed Specs

This is the sort of bed that will look after you. You’ll love falling asleep at night while waking up happy in the morning. But, don’t wait until the morning to clue yourself up as to why your sleeping experience is so superior. Allow us to provide you with a little more spec insight:

  • The mattress is turn free and comprises of a soft Euro-top, which is an extra pillow layer that is added to the bed.
  • A big perk of the Epic Comfort is its Cooling Blue-Gel sleeping technology. This regulates your body temperature, keeping you comfy and at the perfect temperature.
  • The bed is stunningly complemented by luxurious soft-touch micro quilted, knitted jacquard ticking.
  • Regarding layers, the mattress has more luxury, in the form of high-density Visco-Elastic, Cool Blue Gel Memo-Flex, and buoyant Polyurethane foam layers. If those sound to complex, in short, it has amazingly comfortable foam layers.
  • The bed is further complimented by high a density reconstituted foam posture support core and a memory foam ventilation system.
  • You won’t need to worry about movement transfer between partners, as there is none on this mattress.

This bed really is epic. In fact, so much so, that it comes with a 20-year service warranty and a 2-year guarantee. The bed is also non-toxic, allergy free and hygienic. Lastly, the Cloud Nine Epic Comfort sleeps two partners of up to 125kg on either side.

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