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Beloved and Revered since 1979, the Rest Assured brand has won over the hearts of South Africans in the bed industry with their reliability, quality and reasonability. This Rest Assured Windsor – Double XL Mattress, with Evolution Pocket Spring System offers a two-year guarantee and a fifteen-year service warranty. A 115-kilogram weight allowance is made for each side, and a no-turn feature makes for convenience. Free from the effort of having to turn a heavy, quality mattress over. Without further ado, here are some of the features that make this bed perfect for you.

Coils that shape and adjust to your body’s contour
Using the Evolution Pocket Spring system, individually nested pocket coils are capable of compressing and expanding. This is happening upon impact according to the shape of your body. As a result, you get superb support that softly comforts your weary bones.

Heat-Tempered Coils for Extra Durability
With such incredible features and benefits, you want your mattress to last. Thus, our sturdy heat-tempered coils are further strengthened for a longer lifetime. They also absorb motion making for reduced movement transfer. Enjoy peace undisturbed when sharing with a partner with the Windsor.

More about The Rest Assured Windsor – Double XL Mattress:

No Sagging Edges – Perimeter Edge Support
To ensure that no sagging edges or dips and tricks can steal their way into this mattress the perimeter is secured and fortified. This is done with a steel wire in a way that aims to cause no inconvenience or discomfort to the sleeper. But yet, upholds the firmness and support of the edges of this mattress. The strengthened and now protected sleep surface no longer sags at the edges. And also, combats rolling while you sleep at night for improved comfort and relaxation.

No-Turn Quality Mattress
Although we have said it before, it is worth mentioning again that the reconstituted, high-density, firm foam and fibre that compose the sleeping surface area of this mattress provide luxurious comfort without the burden of mandatory turning regularly. What a relief!

Allergy Free
Being 100% odour free and made with zero chemicals that are usually related to regular human allergies makes for a safe zone for your nose and senses to catch a break. Provide your body with a place to rest and recuperate away from the stress, worries and allergies of each day.

Hygienic and Non-Toxic
Rest Assured’s foams are designed with careful care to be wholly stable, non-toxic and hygienic. This is for your utmost delight and enjoyment, free of worries or concerns.

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