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The Carina Continuous Power Coil Flip-Free is a proud member of the renowned Sertapedic Range.  As such, it boasts caressing comfort and superior support. The Serta Carina – Double XL Bed has your back and proves this with its incredible spine alignment feature. It also gives back support using a Pocket Spring Technology that is an In-line Tempered Contra Rotating Pocket Spring Unit. This was specially designed for the Serta brand. In contrast to ordinary coils, this design is created by reversing the normal process by first heating and then forming them. Therefore, ensures and certifies that the wire will better hold its memory.

Where the routine fails to impress our design does not! The coils are placed to face each other for enhanced support. Each is compressed inside its own pocket for a drastic improvement regarding battling height loss in the mattress. This mattress can confidently take on up to 140kg per person. Furthermore, premium multiple support fibre layers, Gel-Infused Memory Foam and pure, dense foam constitute our advanced system to decrease discomfort and minimise tossing and turning during sleep. This is achieved by creating the perfect space for a neutral, relaxed posture position. One that serves the entirety of your body – not just your back.

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These two incredible Foams are crafted for ultimate resilience to minimalise body impressions and avoid gradual indentation. All these factors combine for cool and calm body temperature and for a longer lasting sleep surface like only Serta can. Not to mention Serta’s specially crafted High Strength Insulator Pad which serves to disperse pressure. Furthermore, it’s protecting your fibre and foam pads from wear and tear and damage from the springs. Similarly, exclusive fibre pads expertly deter bugs and mites. It also improves airflow, spreads pressure and heat, making for improved conditions.  All of this aids in a perfectly balanced body temperature.

What’s more, this single-surfaced sleep solution is turn-free. This means that all that’s left for you to do is regular rotation (please consult the warranty card for specifics). Additionally, a magical element will leave you in awe: the new and innovative technology of the Ametist Fabric. Inspired by the miraculous properties of the amethyst, it truly improves sleep quality, helps you fall asleep faster and provides a healthy sleep environment. Furthermore, without the stain of using any chemical, this uniquely equipped fabric maintains superior natural protection against bacteria for an unrivalled in experience healthy sleep setting.

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From the luxurious covers to its firm foundations Serta has provided excellence for the full experience. One that appreciates the delicately intrinsic bond between the mattress and the base. Designed and manufactured with kiln-dried timber, these flat-top bases supported by timber slats and six sturdy legs provide exactly what you need. And that is to enhance the life of your treasured mattress. However, we are here to accommodate you. We are eager to aid you if you have your own base and need the advice of positioning, or safety for your mattress. Please be advised that we require that the mattress rests on a flat top and not directly on the foundation (that which is slatted).

Lastly, this delightfully strong and sturdy Serta Carina – Double XL Bed is firm and designed with coils. It has a limited but trustworthy ten-year warranty and a two-year guarantee, with the backing of the Serta brand. And as a result, graced with the women’s choice award 2014-2017 through eighty-five years of comfort and experience. Serta is also America’s number one mattress manufacturer.

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